Preparations for the March Moroccan madness!

Did the past year really happen?IMG_2233

I can’t stop saying this.

Hubby and i went on a walk yesterday, as part of my prep for the 100km Sahara Desert Trek in March 2015, and it felt awesome! Being outdoors is something I’ve always loved, but for the past year that had been crushed by the weight of doubts, anxiety and just plain miserableness! I’m not entirely out of the woods yet. I had a bubble day not long after my previous post. BUT it wasn’t even close to how horrific some of my previous bubble days were. I really do think the key is time. It takes time to ‘get over’ Postnatal Depression. If you ever do, that is. But time, help, support, medication and lack of isolation are some things that what have helped me personally.

We made some videos/ pics to post on here & keep folk updated. Now guys, remember my previous posts: I swear! Okay. I’m sorry, but i do, so beware of when i do upload the videos! IMG_2234

I’m hoping i can document every trek/ walk/ exercise session etc in preparation for the Moroccan madness!

In terms of the upcoming trek, i’ve been nervous, but it’s really that excited-nervousness you get before something you know you’re going to enjoy. The distance/terrain was a worry, but as long as I have real expectations of what’s coming, I don’t think it’ll throw me all that much. What is worrying me at the moment is sponsors, there’s a fair bit for me to go until i reach my target! I went quiet with plugging my mission for a while, i shouldn’t have, but i did because i wasn’t well and concentrating on sorting my shit. Now i’m all worried that i’ll never reach my target for PANDAS. I have until February!

Saying that, i have received a couple of sponsors today from Colin, Nikki & Robyn -thank you so much you wee angels! So hopefully the number will creep up to the target soon and it can help them to reach as many families as possible.

10527811_10154490985180621_3801137315475288312_nSpeaking of PANDAS, they’ve just had their third anniversary, with the likes of Mark from Father’s Reaching Out and Denise Welch attending (Co-founder, Rachael is in the centre. Also participating in the Sahara Trek!). This charity is doing so well, rightly so, and getting recognised for the fantastic work it does for families effected by PND! Long may it continue, get behind them folks!


Signing off for now. Please, please Donate if you can. Every single penny counts ❤



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